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Cali, Colombia

Foundation & Staff

The Ruibal Foundation

After ministering to hundreds of thousands throughout South America with signs and miracles in the early 1970s, Dr. Julio C. Ruibal, called “The Apostle of the Andes” by the press, was led of the Lord to establish pattern churches which would consolidate and establish the new believers. In 1974 he, along with his wife, Ruth, established the largest church in Bolivia which presently has over 23,000 members, its own radio and television stations, and outreach churches in every state throughout the country.

In 1978 Julio and Ruth founded Ekklesía Centro Cristiano Colombiano (Ekklesia Colombian Christian Center) in Cali, Colombia. Ekklesía is a local church which also has a Christian school with a Christian philosophy and Bibliocentric curriculum in Spanish, a health clinic, and plans for a college, a radio station, and a center for the production of audio and visual programs among other projects.

In 1990 the Lord provided Ekklesía with a property called Villa Christiana. It is a 6 acre rustic property nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, yet within the city of Cali where the church and its ministries are located and where the projects are being developed.

The Lord mightily used Dr. Julio Ruibal, a member of the Board of Cali’s Ministerial Association, as an instrument for unity among churches which the Christians are experiencing in Cali. Every year about 45,000 – 50,000 believers meet in the stadium for all night prayer vigils and as a result the drug cartels have fallen and the Lord has moved powerfully in the city. In December 1995 Dr. Ruibal was martyred for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

After Julio’s death, Ruth Ruibal has continued with the work as senior pastor of the church. Ruth is also an active member of the Pastor’s Association and a member of the Executive Directors Board of COICOM (Latin American Confederation of Christian Communicators).


Directory Board:

Dr. Ruth J. Ruibal, President

Mr. Charles E. Train, Secretary-Treasurer

Mr. Nathan Bashaw, Associate Director

Rev. Donald Curry, Associate Director

Charles DeRenzo, Associate Director

Abigail R. Holcomb, Associate Director

Julie E. Train, Associate Director

Advisory Board:

Mrs. Sarah Bashaw – daughter who continues to love Cali, the work, and prays for us and helps as she can. Her husband Nathan is on our Directory Board and has supported the work for years. She is a Colombian-US citizen, but lives in Canada with her family.

Dr. Maria Fernanda Bermudez – serves in a close pastoral role in our church in Cali, my “right hand”. She was trained in natural health by Julio and continued studies afterwards to get her approved degree in Colombia. She works half time with the church and half in medical offices (naturalist).

Rev. Justin Cardinal – has managed our webpage for years now. Has been to Cali and enthusiastic about the work and seeing its continuity and improvement.

Mr. Shane Holcomb – son-in-law. Along with his wife Abby (on the Directory Board) loves to see the possibilities of continuity of the ministry and possibilities for expansion. He is also ordained in ministry.

Mr. G. Penfield Jennings – Pen is the lawyer who has walked with us for years with legal advise.

Rev. Carol Juliano – Both John and Carol have walked with us for years and have been an asset to the work with their wisdom, support and friendship. Mr. John Juliano is a retired businessman. The Julianos are active in ministry (evangelism and discipleship) in Florida.

Rev. Cynthia Lewis – has walked with us from the beginning of the Foundation (1985). She has been to Cali and helped in many ways throughout the years.

Ms. Terry Meeuwsen – has walked with me after Julio’s martyrdom and has an active role in helping with scholarships for the children in our school through her ministry with CBN’s Orphans Promise.

Rev. Dr. Alistair Petrie – has walked with me for almost 20 years. We have ministered in all the continents as part of a team. His wisdom and insight have been very helpful and encouraging. He is a Canadian citizen.

Rev. Lope Trujillo – pastor and entrepreneur (communications technology) from Cali who is now living in Canada. He visits Cali for business several times a year and ministers in our church when in the city. He is a member of the Foundation that covers our school.

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